Tony A. Smith





When we lived in Michigan, a neighbor of ours started something called a “Drive-Thru” blessing which she talked about on her radio show that she hosts at WMUZ 103.5 FM in Detroit. The concept is pretty simple in that when you are in line you pay for the person behind you and thus they are blessed. Think about how that little act of kindness might be an encouragement to someone else and change the outlook on their day and the people around them.

There is a card from Robin’s website that listeners can print off if they like or you can simply give the cashier a note of your own to pass along to the car behind you in line to make their day. It might be something as simple as “Have a great day! GOD bless you!”.” If you are interested you can check out the information directly at wmuz online. The cards that Robin has can be printed off with the following information.

“You have now been a recipient of a drive-thru blessing. This is a small gift from me to you, but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! He loves you!

What a great way to encourage someone along their journey!


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