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What Would You Say




You have been in the hospital now for the past 14 weeks with an incurable illness that has won the battle against numerous experimental drugs.  You are in severe pain and have lost more than 50 pounds since the sickness invaded your body. The doctor has just informed  you that you now only have one hour to live at most.  All ten of your grandchildren are standing around your hospital bed to say their final good-byes.  They have been singing beautiful songs to you all day and praying that somehow GOD will change the outcome that appears imminent. They have the voices of angelic beings.  You hold the tiny hands of your youngest grandchild tight and look deep into his eyes with precious last moments of love.  You feel cold all over and know the end is very close now.  With tears running from the corner of her eyes and dripping down the sides of her face, your oldest grand-daughter asks a question of you with trembling voice.

“What is the secret of a happy and successful life?”

How would you answer?


  1. Jamie says:

    Tough question! I would say, “Being good to others, standing up for your beliefs, being grateful, and finding joy in the simple things of life.”

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  2. Wow that’s a powerful story. I would simply say it’s being IN Christ. It’s the only thing that matters in this world and especially the next. We have the hope of salvation and heaven.

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  3. Tim A. says:

    Being sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

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  4. jjspina says:

    Tony, my husband, an Italian, said raviolis! Lol!
    Now to be serious, I would tell them love with all your heart, forgive all, and never wish ill will against anyone.

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  5. “love and forgiveness”

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  6. dray0308 says:

    There is no set formula but if you take time to do for others before yourself, be a man or woman of your word, maintain humility and be quick to forgive, you can’t go wrong.

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  7. tabitha59reachingout says:

    No problem. The secret of a happy and successful life is to live whole heartedly for Jesus. This may not be success in the worlds eyes, but as Christians we live for God and our eyes are on the eternal prize. Jesus Himself. Our lives are too short to be wasted on temporal things. As you wrote, I was picturing the whole thing and my precious eldest granddaughter asking me that question. That is what I would tell her. It is the only way. Good post, Tony. 🙂

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  8. hoojewale says:

    Joshua chapter 1 verse 8. That Word is a Personage who runs through the entire Bible thematically, my child. HE bears the same name as the author of that book. We call HIM JESUS. Know HIM experiencially and He will do the rest. Amen!

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  9. Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate your comment. Very wise words!


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