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Israeli Gold


Check out this new historical fiction book by Indie author – Jerry M. Hill on Amazon available as a kindle and paperback at the following link – Israeli Gold .  This book will keep you guessing all along with its many twists and turns!

“Gold…. What exactly is gold?  Why have men always sought after it?  Well, here is a brief description of its characteristics.  A fairly soft, heavy, ductile, corrosion-resistant, malleable metal.  It is opaque with bright metallic luster.  It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.  It is used as an international monetary standard, in jewelry, for decoration and for plating.

Long before the modern age gold was sought after because of its rarity and beauty and workability.  It has been used for money, cast objects, inlays, overlays and as a symbol of wealth.  Over the centuries gold has been used a hedge against inflation or devaluation of other commodities.  In many less developed countries today gold is worn as a necklace or other jewelry to contain ones primary wealth.  If you need to “bug out” it’s there with you.

Gold is mentioned more than any other metal in the Bible.   It is used to express beauty, purity, splendor and value.  The New Jerusalem is described as being made of gold.  Jesus said, “Buy of me, gold tried in the fire”.  It is a symbol of purity, of being unchangeable, of immutability.  “For I am the Lord, I change not, therefore ye son of Jacob are not consumed”, Malachi 3:6.  Follow Mark’s journey as he seeks the treasure.

The story begins the day before a planned backpacking/prospecting trip to Mexico.  Mark, the primary character, is having difficulty falling to sleep.  His mind is wandering back to a trip he and his wife had made to Israel two years previously when sleep finally comes.  He awakes at the oar of a first century slave ship off the coast of Caesarea.  After a lashing and violent confrontation with the ship’s company he is able to escape by jumping overboard.  In the rapidly approaching darkness he finds himself treading in salt water, unable to see a shoreline and ship slipping from view.  The backpack, which had been left next to his bed, was looped over his arm as he left the ship now helps him to stay afloat.”

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