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America’s Eight Great Years


This is just my own personal opinion, but I believe Donald Trump will end up being one of the best presidents we have ever had when everything is said and done at the end of eight years. Yes, I do believe he will be our president for two terms. Donald Trump is not without his faults. Previous leaders had their faults as well. But, I believe there will be a radical change from the way the White House has been run the last eight years.  America will become America again, and GOD will be our foundation of every decision again.  The many prayers for “our country” have been answered.  We now have a man in the White House whose heart beats for America, our people, and all we can become again. 

There are many who can’t stand the thought of having Donald Trump as our President for eight years. The inauguration was a breath of beautiful fresh air, and I was glad to see the many prayers for our country and our leaders. It was so cool to see the light rain that started up when President Trump took the podium to speak. Yes, it was a blessing from heaven. GOD was certainly smiling, knowing that America’s leaders were returning and turning to him.  I think we are now destined to return to greatness, and not relegated to second class as some of our previous leaders would position us as a country.  I am elated that President Trump is standing up for Israel.  He is absolutely right in that GOD will go against those who try to harm Israel and protect those who stand up for Israel.  We are now standing up for Israel instead of trying to throw rocks at them like our previous administration did.  It will take some time to unravel the damage inflicted on America by previous administrations but things will change and time will heal, and we will get straightened out.

I am also not quite sure why we have not had a wall to protect our borders between Mexico.  It is the right thing to do to build a wall to protect our borders. Why not?  We already have some of the money set aside to do it anyway, and Mexico can pay for the rest of it. Yes! I can’t wait to see what happens over the next great eight years!

For those who still refuse to believe that Donald Trump is the new president, I say wake up and get used to greatness!  America will never be the same, and will get even better and better over the next 8 years.  


  1. I’m sorry Tony. I have to respectfully disagree. While Mr. Trump may try to quote the Bible, I believe it’s clear he doesn’t believe in anyone except for himself. When a man can say in response to a reporter asking if there are any heroes that he looks up to and responds “I don’t like heroes, I don’t like the concept of heroes” there is something wrong. When a man who has just become the 45th president visits the CIA, stands in front of their memorial wall which is filled with stars honoring the anonymous agents who have given their lives for this country and goes on a tangent excoriating the press for supposedly false reporting of the number of people attending his inauguration, there is something wrong. When millions of people feel compelled to march not only on Washington, but all over the globe because of the things Mr. Trump has said or tweeted, there is something wrong. When immediately after Mr. Trump took his oath of office, pages regarding climate change, civil rights and LGBTs were erased, there is something wrong. I could keep going, but obviously we’re not going to agree on this. I respect your opinion though Tony, and I still love your blog!


    • Yes we can agree to disagree on this one Kim. As to your point on heroes… Here are my thoughts. First of all the question was posed in this way about heroes.. “Do you have any models – are there any heroes that you stand by – people you look up to from the past?” Donald Trump stated he did not like the concept of heroes and then related that his father pretty much fit into the category of being his model on who he looked up to from the past, someone who taught him about life, and became his hero. I think that is a fair answer to what the person asking the question was looking for don’t you? He said the concept of heroes in itself is flawed. Trammell Crow – a great real estate developer from the past who went on to become the largest private developer in the nation said it best about heroes in a poem he penned…”Unfortunately we don’t have so very many heroes today. Publicity doesn’t make a hero, prominence can become commonplace, but it will not make a hero. Business success, athletic prowess, fortunate inheritance does not make heroes. Heroes in real life make themselves. There is no formula which is followed. Becoming a hero is not an achievement which one can acquire as a goal. Heroes rarely know that they are that and they never presume or pose themselves as being one.” That is exactly what I think President Donald Trump was trying to say. The concept of a hero is flawed but his dad became the closest thing to a hero that he could convey in the moment. Pretty good answer if you ask me.

      As to the press comments at the memorial, he is constantly goaded by certain members of the press with lies and I believe he was just striking out in the moment in defense. Probably wasn’t the best place to react, but after all he is only human too.

      I am glad about the climate change as I am on board with him about that one.. I don’t believe the climate change theory. It is a big hoax as has been proven countless times.

      Anyway, I do respect your opinion as well – and I still think we will return to greatness with Donald Trump in the White House. Something also tells me that he will be a changed person the longer he is in the White House. You say he says one thing and his heart is not lining up with his mouth, but I think you will be proven wrong the longer he is in the White House. Let’s see what happens…..


  2. Oops, those missing pages I referred to were from the White House website. Sorry!


  3. foguth says:

    Tony, I too am optimistic.

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