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Priceless Gifts


Christmas is a time for being with family, good food, giving gifts, and celebrating the birth of Christ. Let us not forget though, that some of the most meaningful gifts we can give come from our heart and need not cost anything at all.  Here are a few of those …..

– Shovel snow off your neighbors sidewalk and driveway.

– Rather than give advice to someone, ask for some.

– Open the door for someone else.

– Read stories in your local library to children or seniors who can’t.

– Help in your local nursing home by  just visiting and talking with some of the residents there who never have anyone to come and visit them.

– Let someone go on ahead of you while in line at the store.

– Give away some of your secret and most favorite recipes to your friends.

– Visit the Humane Society and adopt an animal if you can.

– Smile whenever you can at others. You never know how much you may change their day or outlook on life.

– Save up some fabric scraps and give them away to someone who quilts.

– Write a letter to the editor agreeing with his views on something.

– Volunteer to be a bell-ringer at your local Salvation Army.

– Write a letter to your friends you haven’t talked to in a long time and see how much it means to them.

– Say please and thank you whenever you are given the opportunity.

– Pick up after yourself around the house, and give others who usually do it a break.

– Say you’re sorry when you need to and forgive others when they do the same and are sincere.

– Call your family members on the phone just to tell them you love them.

– Tell someone you are proud of them.

– Be a mentor to a young person and show them the way to go.

– Take a cancer or dialysis patient to their treatments if they have no one who can help out.

– Volunteer to babysit for parents with a newborn baby to give them a night out once in a while.

– Pray for those who need prayer.

– Bake a cake or pie and take it to the new neighbors on the block.

– Don’t hold a grudge more than 12 hours and try to reconcile differences before the sun goes down each day.  It will give both of you a good nights rest!

– Give yourself a gift by not worrying.  It ends up getting you nowhere in the long run.  Most of the stuff we worry about never comes to pass anyway. Worrying is just a changeless proposition.

My Letters From the Heart

You’re Not There

You're Not There



Hello Son

This is your Dad

Hello – Is anyone home?


I guess you’re not there

I guess I’ll just have to leave you a message on your answering machine

I’ve been havin kind of rough day today here son

I’m kind of down today 

I guess that’s how it is when you have cancer 

And you only have a few months to live

You have your good days and your bad days

I just wanted to call to say I miss you son and that I love you

I sure would like to talk to you

It’s been a while since I talked to you

I just want to hear your voice son

Call me when you get a chance

Call me, okay

I love you


New Foal and Mare Fenton, Michigan

Mare and new little one – Fenton, Michigan


In your death you gained the final victory.  You loved the LORD with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.  You loved animals of all kinds and especially horses.  It seems like you had a very special connection with them through your loving sensitivity.  You loved your family and friends, and spending time with them.  You were intelligent, yet not pretentious.  You were a very strong-willed person – stubborn one might say, and it was perhaps your being so stubborn that kept you going during the long years you fought against the animal called cancer.

You were compassionate and loved doing things for others.  It is in this, that you seemed to find the most joy.  You stared death in the eye and did not blink.  You were strong and courageous until the very end.  Through all the many chemo treatments, radiation, and experimental drugs, you remained faithful.  Your ultimate concern was more for the welfare of others.

Yes, in your death you did get the final victory for your spirit has left your tent on earth and you are now dancing in heaven with the LORD where you will forever dance.

I look around and I can still see you here.  I can see you through the lives you have touched and changed forever.  It might have been a kind word of encouragement, or something you did or said. All are memories that no one can take away.  One day soon too we will all be dancing with you.

I love you and I miss you, but I know you are surely in a much better place than here.  So I have not said good-bye, but I do say I will see you again soon, and soon I will be dancing with you.

For all those who have lost someone to cancer