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Grandpa Thanksgiving


My wife Denise and I just found out we are going to be grandparents this summer. This has been the best Thanksgiving gift we could have ever received.  GOD is great and we can’t wait to see the new little blessing that is on the way.

This is our first one on both sides of the family so I am sure the little one will get an avalanche of spoiling. I am not quite sure I can wait until summertime though! There are so many things running through my mind about what I want to tell, teach, and do with our new grand baby.

Whether it’s a girl, or whether it’s a boy it makes no difference to me.  We are supposed to have some sort of a reveal party where that information, I guess is revealed? Something about blue or pink balloons popping out of a box. I know GOD has great things planned for this little one!

Someone asked me what I want to be called?  I don’t know, but I have a few months to think about that one.  I suppose I’ll be called whatever the grand baby ends up calling me.  They say the grand babies end up calling the grand parents whatever the first one starts calling them. That’s what happened with our daughter too.  Whatever happens, is fine with me.

We are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives.  I am sure it will be a great ride!

Teddy & Cowgirl New Release

Cowgirl  And Teddy Bundle Cover


I just finished my new book “Teddy & Cowgirl” which is a combined bundle book of two previous children’s books – “Cowgirl the Smiling Doggie” and “Teddy the Talking Cat.  This book will be available at Amazon and then at Barnes and Noble and other stores soon. This combined book makes it easier to continue with one complete story of these very good friends!  Teddy and Cowgirl will bring a smile to every child’s face and will have adults smiling and laughing right along with them. 

Smiling and having fun is just not an option when these two characters get together to romp and play and generally stir up trouble.  I hope you will enjoy this new version of Teddy & Cowgirl!  You might as just as well throw worry out the door because these two fun-loving rascals have never heard of the word!