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Building Presidential Consensus



Twenty-four years ago I had written a few letters concerning some of the issues of the day to our new President at the time – Bill Clinton.  I actually received a letter back from him.  I guess he got tired of all of my letters.  It was kind of him to actually acknowledge my concerns.

His first few months of office were very busy after being inaugurated as the 42nd President of the United States on January 20, 1993 three months prior to the time I wrote my letter to him.


On January 25, 1993 Bill Clinton announced that Hillary Clinton would lead the task force on National Health Care Reform.  The President hoped to reform the National Health Care system so that all Americans had health insurance. It would ensure what he called “Universal Coverage” which would hopefully control health care costs which were continuing to rise out of control.

On February 5, 1993 President Bill Clinton signed the Family Medical Leave Act that requires companies to provide workers with up to 3 months of unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies.

Then on January 26, 1993, six people were killed and more than one thousand suffered from injuries after a bomb was placed under the World Trade Center in New York City. This explosion marked the beginning of threats against the United States by both domestic and foreign terrorists.  Who could foretell the dark days ahead relating to terrorism?

April 19, 1993 the day my letter was postmarked – In Waco, Texas Federal Law officers under the orders of Attorney General – Janet Reno fought a 51 day stand-off with a religious cult led by David Koresh.  The battles resulted in terrible fires that destroyed the cults compound and killed 75 people.

Our country faces issues today, just like we did during Bill Clinton’s presidency 24 years ago. Although there are many things I did not agree with President Bill Clinton on, I can agree that we need to have a consensus to work together as a country and a people.  After all, we are all in it together and we need each other.

A Letter To My Daughter


“I know that one day soon you will have children and a family of your own.  I keep praying for that and I know GOD does have a great plan for your future.  I hope I have instilled in you a sense of what matters most in life.  When I am gone from this earth I hope you will reflect upon the life we have lived together.  I hope I will have left something you can hold onto that will last and that you can in some way transfer on to your own children.  I hope that you will be able to smile when you think about the times we had together.  Never forget that I love you my sweet, sweet daughter.  I know I have made some mistakes in my life.  I hope most of all that I have made a difference in your life.  I know you have made a difference in mine.  I love you forever my baby girl!”

This is a part of a letter I wrote a few years ago before my daughter was married; and now she is going to have a baby girl of her own to raise and care for.  GOD is good and he does answer our prayers in his perfect timing and in his perfect way!  And now, she has a chance to make a difference in the life of her own daughter.



My Letters From the Heart

My Letters From the Heart Pre Release

My Letters From The Heart (10)


I just wanted to let you know that my new book, “My Letters From the Heart” is now available on Amazon as a Pre Release.  My Letters From the Heart will be published next Friday on November 28th.  It was a very emotional book for me to write.  I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it provides a source of encouragement to you in some way in your own life!

Click on the link below for more information.

My Letters From the Heart

Thanks for all of your support!

Have a great weekend!


My Letters From The Heart (2)

Just wrapping up my next book in time for the holidays entitled “My Letters: From the Heart“. This has been a very emotional book for me to write. My Letters: From the Heart is composed of a series of letters to friends, business associates, neighbors, coaches, teachers, and family members who have made an impact on my life. These are the letters that I am leaving behind for each one of them. In the book I reflect on what each person means to me and what I want to leave behind. I’ll be able to provide more of the details when I get a little closer to the publishing date. Thanks for all of your support!

Hope you have a great weekend! GOD bless!