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Leaving A Legacy

I came across this photo of my daughter and I recently of when she was a youngster.  I was obviously a little younger myself.  It made me stop to think about what is really important for our children and those we leave behind when we are gone.  Sure we can leave money, but that will eventually be spent. We can leave a car or a home, but those will eventually have to be replaced or repaired. We can leave expensive paintings, jewelry, gold, silver, stocks and bonds, or maybe even some oil wells.  Those are all certainly nice material things to leave if we are fortunate enough to have accumulated them in some way and can leave them behind for others to enjoy.

What is more important than all of that is to leave them your life and what they meant to you in the form of words. Leave them a legacy of words that won’t decay or ever go away.  You can write them a book, or letters, or even leave behind the blogs you have done.  We all have been given a gift like no other people who came before us with the blog and the internet.  The words that we shape and form into sentences have the capability of transforming and changing lives across the world in some way every single day.  Not just for a day, but for every single day that they remain on the internet. They travel across the oceans and continents forever and find a resting place in someone’s heart and mind.  Think about the power your very words have and the legacy you leave others every day!  You can be a difference maker, a world changer, and a legacy leaver with your positive, uplifting, life-changing words every single day. You can share your life experiences and help someone every day.  Leaving your legacy in words is so much more important and valuable than leaving your legacy in things!

Some of the most important life-changing tools we have been given to use wisely are paper, pencil, and the internet. Make a difference forever in the lives of others by using them to the best of your ability today.

You’re Not There

You're Not There



Hello Son

This is your Dad

Hello – Is anyone home?


I guess you’re not there

I guess I’ll just have to leave you a message on your answering machine

I’ve been havin kind of rough day today here son

I’m kind of down today 

I guess that’s how it is when you have cancer 

And you only have a few months to live

You have your good days and your bad days

I just wanted to call to say I miss you son and that I love you

I sure would like to talk to you

It’s been a while since I talked to you

I just want to hear your voice son

Call me when you get a chance

Call me, okay

I love you

My Love For You

OceancloudsPublic Domain

GOD’S mighty ocean – PD

My love for you is like the ocean

Deep and wide

My thoughts for and about you are like the tiny particles of sand that form the boundary lines of my mighty waters

The waves crash in repetition going only so far

It is in them that I speak your name every time they visit the shoreline and I think of you again

The seagull flys high above giving thanks to me for the fish beneath

The mighty whale tosses and turns and spouts my water high above before descending below

Each of my creatures I have made for you to enjoy because I love you

My waters provide moisture for your crops and a life source for your body

Without my waters and my love for you – you would not exist

Never forget “my love for you.”

Life is Short

Heaven Is Real

GOD Never stops

GOD Never Stops

I’m Not Here

You ask me why I sit and stare.  Don’t you know I’m not really here?  I left a long time ago.  Can’t you see?  I left the day she left me.  I’m not really here.  I’m living in those moments we had together.  Nothing will ever be the same.

I loved holding your soft hand.  No one will ever understand.  I’m not really here.  I loved the sound of your gentle voice and to hear you whisper that you loved me.  I touch my tongue to your finger dipped in chocolate brownie mix.  It tastes sweet just like you.  I feel your breath on my shoulders as we cuddle close in bed.

I see the joy in your eyes and the smile that breaks out across your face when your first grandchild comes running to you and throws out her arms for you to pick her up.  I see your radiant smile and your eyes beaming with the light coming from deep inside your soul.  I smell the roses in your garden.  They remind me of you.  I see you kneeling on the grass nearby as you cast a glance my way.  You smile and nod and continue on.

You pour me a cup of hot coffee and hand me a newspaper in the morning.  I somehow know everything is going to be alright.  Before I go off to work each day we pray.  We hug each other and kiss each other on the cheek, and then wave goodbye.

I’m not here.  Can’t you see?  You asked me to be your husband fifty years ago.  And now you’ve gone on ahead.  I’m not here.  Can’t you see.  I left five years ago, the day you died.  I’ve tried and tried to understand.

You ask me why I sit and stare.  Don’t you know?  I’m not really here.

Papa’ Family Recipes

Papa Family Recipes Cover Chair March 9 2015

With the upcoming Memorial Day Holidays I am making my latest book “Papa’s Family Recipes” available on Amazon from Thursday, May 21st – Monday, May 25th for a period of (5) days.

Papa’s Family Recipes is a true story about my late father-in law, Alberto Petrucci, the son of emigrant Italian parents from Detroit, Michigan. Alberto went on to become one of the largest contractors in the Midwest.  Alberto, known to those in his family as “Papa”, had a passion for cooking and loving his family.  Papa left behind a treasure trove of tasty Petrucci family recipes that you will love.  Have you ever met someone you liked the very first time you met them?  That is what people said about Papa.

Grab a free copy and have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I appreciate any reviews if you have time to leave one!

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The Clock Isn’t Moving

I’m sitting here with hands on both sides of my black armchair this morning. The one with the fluffy arms and seat. Staring straight ahead at the oversize white-faced Grandfather clock sitting at the side of the fireplace.  I know time is passing since I see sunlight starting to burst through the drapes on the sides but the clock doesn’t seem to be moving.  Neither do I.

I can’t think anymore.  I’ve even lost that.  All I can do is stare straight ahead. My eyes feel moist at the corners with droplets of tears.  I raise my shoulder close to my eyes and grab a piece of shirt to wipe them dry.  Every time I start to think about what happened, that’s what they seem to do.

Last night my sister, Sarah, called me on the phone at 1:00 in the morning.  She never calls me late at night.  I go over and over in my mind , what’s left of it; that is.  I hope somehow by going over it and over it again and again it will somehow not be true.

“Ben, Dad just died of a massive heart attack.  The ambulance rushed him to the hospital but it was just too late.  I’m sorry little brother, our daddy is gone.”  I broke done crying on the phone like a little kid.  I know grown men aren’t supposed to cry, but do you mind telling me why?  I couldn’t stop crying.

Why? …………   Why did this have to happen?  I just talked to dad on the phone yesterday and we were making plans to go up north on our annual fishing trip to Minnesota. He was getting his camper all ready and I had just gone down to Hanks to pick out a few new fishing poles.

I’m sitting here all alone in this house.  I’m sitting here all alone in this world!  I never got married.  I have no kids or family to speak of outside of Sarah and her husband and kids.  Mom died a few years ago and Dad was all I had left.  I have friends at work, but they’re not what I consider true friends. More like acquaintances that I have to deal with.

I sure am going to miss you Dad.  Tell me it isn’t true.  You can’t be gone.  You are my best buddy… I mean were my best buddy.  It just isn’t possible Dad and I refuse to believe it.

The tears start up again and the clock still isn’t moving and neither am I. I’m not sure if I ever will! I am not sure I can go on in this life without my daddy.

Beautiful Tears


Beautiful Tears

Beautiful Tears

Your tears fall upon my petals in the morning

You think I can not see

Do not forget it’s me

I am always near

I keep every single tear drop in my own bottle

Do not fear 

Do not be sad

I am always with you

And I do care




“When someone is acting difficult to love that usually means they are needing it terribly.”

Margaret Anne Huffman – Author


When someone is cranky or bitter about something, or just plain old hard to deal with, there is a very good underlying reason for the way they are acting.  It is in those moments that they need our encouragement, or smile, or maybe even a hug.  It’s hard to hug the unhuggable sometimes, but they are the ones who do need it the most and for a very good reason.