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Peace and Destruction

This is a peaceful scene of a Japanese fisherman fishing off a bridge in the mountains.  This hand painted and signed Japanese silkscreen painting has something that is not so very peaceful associated with it though.  As a matter of fact it is the opposite of peace and relates to utter and complete evil. and destruction.  Perhaps you will be able to understand what I am referring too with a little more information to follow here.

The painting was given to my father-in law by an architect in Detroit, Michigan many years ago when he was working with him on some projects as a contractor in the Detroit area.  My father-in law, Albert Petrucci was close friends with an architect named Minoru Yamasaki who gave him this painting at the conclusion of one of the projects they worked on together.  Minoru came to Detroit in 1945 and started out working for a firm called Smith, Hinchman & Grylls, and then went on to form his own firm called Yamasaki & Associates.

Minoru Yamasaki is best known for the design of the original twin towers called the World Trade Center towers in New York City.  At one time, the towers were the tallest in the world at 1368′ and 1362′ tall.  The towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001 when al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist flew American Airlines planes into the buildings. The buildings stood for more than 30 years and were leveled within 1 hour and 42 minutes on that fateful day when almost 3000 people were murdered.


John 10:10 KJV

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

John 14:27 KJV

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  Let not your heart be troubled, nether let it be afraid. 


Papa’ Family Recipes

Papa Family Recipes Cover Chair March 9 2015

With the upcoming Memorial Day Holidays I am making my latest book “Papa’s Family Recipes” available on Amazon from Thursday, May 21st – Monday, May 25th for a period of (5) days.

Papa’s Family Recipes is a true story about my late father-in law, Alberto Petrucci, the son of emigrant Italian parents from Detroit, Michigan. Alberto went on to become one of the largest contractors in the Midwest.  Alberto, known to those in his family as “Papa”, had a passion for cooking and loving his family.  Papa left behind a treasure trove of tasty Petrucci family recipes that you will love.  Have you ever met someone you liked the very first time you met them?  That is what people said about Papa.

Grab a free copy and have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I appreciate any reviews if you have time to leave one!

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Settling In

Settling In

Settling In

Gigantic Fish

Gigantic Fish

Canadian Geese and Children

Canadian Geese and Children

I had an opportunity to visit my daughter down in the southeastern part of Oklahoma yesterday. It was sure good to see her.  What a great time we had!  We were able to go to a local pond and do some fishing.  She has been married now for about two months and we are all trying to get used to the idea of her being married.

She is our only one and now lives over a hundred miles from us. When she was younger her grandmother in Michigan had a good-sized pond on some property where we used to go fishing all the time.  We would generally have a contest and make an official award at the end of the fishing season for whoever caught the biggest fish of the season. More often than not, she would be the one who was declared the winner.

We did not do too good to start the year off with as you can tell from the photo. Isn’t that a huge fish?  It took the both of us to drag it to shore!  We did catch four fish in a short amount of time, and then went off to a local restaurant for a nice lunch and some quality daddy daughter time together.  We used to get together once a week for dinner to talk about life and how things were going when she got older so it was kind of nice to get to do that again.

Things are kind of different now that she got married and I guess it will take us all a while to kind of settle in to the new way of life.  Her Italian mama is having a little rougher time than me I believe and trying to get used to her not living nearby, but I know things will get better for us all.  It just takes some getting used to.

It was a beautiful day as far as the weather and after the ducks stopped bothering us for something to eat.  The best part was just getting to be with my daughter again.  It felt different though between us in a new kind of way. I know things can never be the same way they used to be between us and I don’t really think they are supposed to be.  I think it’s all just a part of settling in for all of us!



Big Michigan Cow

Michigan Cow


This big cow was spotted running up and down the road in Northville, Michigan.  Fortunately he was following behind a truck and was tied down real good!  


Shirley Temple Book Signing Novi, Michigan

Shirley Temple Book Signing Novi, Michigan

This is a picture of the legendary child star “Shirley Temple Black” at the signing of her autobiography entitled “Child Star : An Autobiography” in 1989 in Novi, Michigan.  My wife and daughter visited a local Borders Book store where Shirley was signing books. They snapped a picture of her that day and were able to pick up a copy of one of her autographed books.

Shirley Temple started making movies at the age of three years old in 1932 and went on to star in several movies like “Curly Top, The Little Colonel, The Littlest Rebel, Heidi, Our Little Girl, Bright Eyes, Captain January, Poor Little Rich Girl, Stowaway, and Dimples” among others.  She was at the top of the box office charts from 1935-1938 and started out making only $125 per week.

She was in my opinion one of the greatest child stars of all time. She also faithfully served her country as a United States Ambassador to Ghana and later Czechoslovakia.  Our country has certainly changed a lot since those days in the 1930’s when Shirley Temple made her run of fame.

Haven’t we as a country kind of lost our innocence as a country with all that has happened and how we have changed.  America used to have such a wholesome image as portrayed in the films made popular by Shirley Temple.  Where did we lose our way?  What happened to us?

I long for those Shirley Temple days again. Can we have just a few more of those kind of days or have we strayed too far off course?


Beautiful images

“Once the house was lovely, but it’s lonely here to-day.

For time has come an’ stained its walls an’ called the young away;

An’ all that’s left for mother an’ for me till life is through

Is to sit an’ tell each other what the children used to do.

We couldn’t keep em’ always an’ we knew it from the start.

We knew when they were babies that some day we’d have to part.

But the years go by so swiftly, an’ the littlest one has flown. 

An’ there’s only me an’ mother now left here to live alone.

Oh, there’s just one consolation, as we’re sittin’ here at night.

They’ve grown to men an’ women, an’ we brought ’em up all right,

We’ve watched ’em as we’ve loved ’em an’ they’re splendid every one, 

An’ we feel the Lord won’t blame us for the way our work was done.”

By Edgar Guest

This poem was written by Edgar Guest who was born in Birmingham, England and eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan.  He worked for the Detroit Free Press in Michigan for many years and wrote more than eleven thousand poems in his lifetime. He was known as the “People’s Poet”.

It is so true how fast life goes by each one of us. We need to savor the moments and enjoy every moment with our children. After a while, they soon fly away and the circle of life continues on. Just do the best you can and train them up in the way they should go. If you’ve done your best, that’s all anyone can ask for!


images Geese

Canadian geese are amazing birds!  When I lived in Michigan I didn’t think they were that amazing though!  My wife and I lived in some apartments in southeast Michigan for a while when we first got married where there were more than enough geese to go around for everyone.  There was a big pond at the front of the property where many of them would migrate back to each year and hang out.  They were nice to look at but you just had to watch where you stepped if you know what I mean?  You didn’t want to feed them because they would just invite more of their buddies over for dinner and you would have more to clean off the bottom of your shoes.  They could also be just plain mean and nasty when they had their babies in the spring.  They would hiss and flap their wings at you if you even got near one of their little ones. A friend of mine taught me a little trick though. If you put your arms out to both sides and walk towards them they will move out of the way. I guess it makes you appear much bigger to them or something.

Canadian geese are extremely loyal to each other and treasure their other family members.  If one of them is injured and goes down on the ground, their mate will go down on the ground with them to protect them and see about them. They will not leave their side until they can fly again or they die. They mate for life!  They can fly about 40 mph and with a good tailwind their speed can reach about 70 mph. When they migrate they can travel about 1500 miles per day which is about the same distance it is from Chicago to Phoenix.

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen them flying in that classic v formation. They say there are a few reasons they do that. One is for better communication between each other. The other reason is to save energy. When the lead goose gets tired, he flies to the very back and takes his place at the rear of the formation. The lead goose is the one that has to work the hardest since he is breaking into the headwind. Each goose will fly a little higher than the goose in front of him which helps reduce wind resistance. The geese alternate taking turns moving from the front to the back until it is their turn again to be the lead goose. Scientists believe that the geese are almost sixty percent more efficient by working together like this.

Perhaps we should take a hint from the geese as to what works best in life. When our, husband, wife, brother, sister, family member, or friends are down we should go see about them. When life gets to be too much to handle and the load gets to be too much to bear for them, we should take the lead. We should break the wind for them for a while and give them a rest and a lighter load to carry. Just until they are strong enough to do it on their own again. We have to let others help us too when we need help and not think we can do it all on our own if we really can’t.