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Go The Distance


Life is Life New Book

Life is Life


I have not been able to blog as often as I would like to lately because I have been busy trying to put together a new book I am working on entitled – “Life is Life“.  Life is in constant pursuit of us, never the same from one day to the next. This is an inspirational collection of stories and poems that will lift you up and encourage you on your ever shifting journey.  They will inspire you and strengthen you as you read of some of the hard times as well as the good times in life.

Your faith will be bolstered as you read of these stories of divine intervention, letters from heaven, and answered prayers.  Life propels us forward from the day we are born and every day we have an opportunity in the midst of chaos to grasp on to hope and hold on as tight as we can.  Every day is an opportunity to learn something amazing and life-changing from the greatest teacher in the world called Life.

I am hoping to have this as an e-book first on Amazon for pre-order by the beginning of next week, and then at Barnes & Noble and other stores thereafter.




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Wouldn’t it be nice if we were always offered second chances in life?

If there was one thing you wish you would have done differently in your life what would that be?