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Grandpa Thanksgiving


My wife Denise and I just found out we are going to be grandparents this summer. This has been the best Thanksgiving gift we could have ever received.  GOD is great and we can’t wait to see the new little blessing that is on the way.

This is our first one on both sides of the family so I am sure the little one will get an avalanche of spoiling. I am not quite sure I can wait until summertime though! There are so many things running through my mind about what I want to tell, teach, and do with our new grand baby.

Whether it’s a girl, or whether it’s a boy it makes no difference to me.  We are supposed to have some sort of a reveal party where that information, I guess is revealed? Something about blue or pink balloons popping out of a box. I know GOD has great things planned for this little one!

Someone asked me what I want to be called?  I don’t know, but I have a few months to think about that one.  I suppose I’ll be called whatever the grand baby ends up calling me.  They say the grand babies end up calling the grand parents whatever the first one starts calling them. That’s what happened with our daughter too.  Whatever happens, is fine with me.

We are looking forward to this new adventure in our lives.  I am sure it will be a great ride!


Mowing the lawn with Dad

Mowing the lawn with Dad

Our only daughter is getting married in 2 days.  That’s her on top of my shoulders in the photo when she was still in diapers.  She loved to ride on my shoulders whenever she could. It didn’t matter if I was going for a walk around the block, in the backyard, or even mowing. She always wanted to plant herself on top of my shoulders and hold on to my head.

I miss those days, but I do know she is going to be happy.  I just hope I will have taught her some of the important things in life like how to be a good spouse, and how to be a good parent.  I also hope I have taught her enough about the LORD along the way and I hope she will be able to train up her own children in the same way.

I did the best I could and now it’s her turn!



“Ride on Time: Matters of the Heart” seems to be doing well on Amazon and has hit “Best Selling” in its category and is listed as a “Hot New Release” as well. I think the reason people are interested in it is because they might be curious as to how to prevent or stop the unexpected. Have you ever been to a point in your life where you could not catch your breath? Try going under water and running out of breath and then try to gasp for air that is not there. Then on top of that try to feel what it feels like to have your chest caving in on you from some outside pressure that you can do nothing about. You start to panic inside! What are you going to do! How can I stop this pain and pressure? How can I get air somewhere? Does anyone know how I feel? It could happen to anyone – regardless of the physical shape you are in. It’s happened to world class runners and world class athletes of all kinds. You can only do the best you can in trying to do the all the right things for your heart health and your over-all health in general.