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You planted me here so many years ago

Tired and worn out

Must be my time to go

I spread my branches toward your sky

Never once questioning why

The days, they pass

As do the nights

Now ending with a heavy sigh

And, when I was nowhere in sight

You’re the one that planned each day and night

 You poured me full cups of sunshine, pelted me with wet rain from above

And fed me from treasures below

Oh, how can it be so

Tired and worn out

Must be my time to go

Tender branches once warmed by summer winds of long ago

Yes, my dark, dark winter is here

The falling leaves of death are oh so near

Come home you say

Your job is done today

For you planted seeds to grow

And they’ll forever stay

Don’t you know



Mowing the lawn with Dad

Mowing the lawn with Dad

Our only daughter is getting married in 2 days.  That’s her on top of my shoulders in the photo when she was still in diapers.  She loved to ride on my shoulders whenever she could. It didn’t matter if I was going for a walk around the block, in the backyard, or even mowing. She always wanted to plant herself on top of my shoulders and hold on to my head.

I miss those days, but I do know she is going to be happy.  I just hope I will have taught her some of the important things in life like how to be a good spouse, and how to be a good parent.  I also hope I have taught her enough about the LORD along the way and I hope she will be able to train up her own children in the same way.

I did the best I could and now it’s her turn!