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You planted me here so many years ago

Tired and worn out

Must be my time to go

I spread my branches toward your sky

Never once questioning why

The days, they pass

As do the nights

Now ending with a heavy sigh

And, when I was nowhere in sight

You’re the one that planned each day and night

 You poured me full cups of sunshine, pelted me with wet rain from above

And fed me from treasures below

Oh, how can it be so

Tired and worn out

Must be my time to go

Tender branches once warmed by summer winds of long ago

Yes, my dark, dark winter is here

The falling leaves of death are oh so near

Come home you say

Your job is done today

For you planted seeds to grow

And they’ll forever stay

Don’t you know




Have you ever had anything that you are annoyed with or that just plain bothers you sometimes?  Some things bother me more than others, but then again there are some things that really bother me to an extreme. I started thinking about it the other day and decided that I had a pretty long list of bothersome things.

  • Why is it that parents can’t seem to put socks on little babies when they sit around with coats and hats on? Maybe they just don’t think about it.  I bet they would though if they walked around without any footwear on in the middle of winter!

  • People walking around while looking down on their cell phones and almost run in to you.  There should be a law banning texting and walking just like there are now laws in some states for texting and driving.  I am serious!

  • People who use texting on their cell phones to an extreme instead of talking on the phone when it is more appropriate.  I guess it’s easier to hide behind a few buttons.

  • Those who sneeze or cough without covering their mouth.  Really, do we all want a shower of all those germs propelled upon us?


  • Those who don’t use turn signals when they drive and then look at you like you did something wrong when you almost slam into them.

  • People who cut in front of you with only inches to spare when they drive to get out of the way of someone wanting to pass them.  The only thing worse is someone who tailgates!  Really!

  • People who lie to you and smile like a big whisker-faced cat when doing it.

  • Those who let their children run wild in public places like restaurants and stores without saying a word to them pretending perhaps that they are not their little hoodlums who just ripped the wallpaper off the walls.

  • Loud talkers and those who blast their music with their windows rolled down sitting next to you at stop lights and stop signs with reckless abandon. Please!! You may not want any ear drums. But I prefer to keep mine!


  • Bug juice and bird droppings all over my car after I just washed it.  Guess I shouldn’t park so close to the trees and I’m praying for rain!


  • Those who talk loud during a movie in a theater, in a library, or in church during the sermon.  There are just those times that should be reserved for quiet and for listening don’t you think? I suppose they should offer some duct tape with the price of ticket along with a no munch section for popcorn.

  • Cockroaches the size of mice that prowl at night in the kitchen looking for something or someone to devour.  I had some in Texas that I could have made saddles for!

  • Those who curse in public with no remorse in front of children and others.  Gutter talk should be reserved for the gutters.  Foul language contributes nothing!

  • Women – now I still can’t figure this one out.. But why do women have to go to the restroom in pairs and in groups when they are at a restaurant?  Does one hold the small mirror while the other adjusts their make-up?


  • Why is it that some people can’t figure out how to put a roll of toilet paper on when it is time for a new one? Some people go so far as to make sure it comes out a certain way top, bottom, whatever… I don’t care what you do.. Just make sure you put a new roll on please!!


  • Those who talk in an elevator and don’t face the front wall where the door is.  Don’t you know there is no talking and your eyes are supposed to be forward when that door closes? (public domain image)

  • Flies that never seem to die!  I must have some flies that have been around here for years.  Why is it they want to put their grimy mitts on everything I have?

  • Shopping too long!  I can’t stand to be in a store for very long periods of time or I start to get the hives. I know what I need when I go in so there is no need to linger like my wife does for hours on end.

  • People who use Facebook like a bragging book or “look who’s on top of the hill now” book.

  • Those who are constantly late wherever they go. There is a clock on most cell phones so pay attention when you have your head down…

  • Slurping loud when eating soup, or chewing with your mouth open, and people who waste food.

  • People who talk non-stop yet say nothing.  Sound like a politician doesn’t it?

    I know I have rambled on here today, but what about you? Surely there is something that annoys you or just plain old gets under your skin.  I would like to hear about it!  You will feel better if you vent it out a little.  I know I did!  So let it fly here today!!!  Oh no, did I just say that!!




The first United States Senate meeting opened with a prayer in New York City on April 25, 1789. The prayer in the senate that day was led by Samuel Provost who was an Episcopal Bishop and New York’s first Chaplain. The senate has opened every session since that time with a prayer. Likewise the first prayer in the Continental Congress for the United States House of Representatives was led on September 7, 1774 by Reverend Jacob Duche’ who was a Rector of Christ Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The House of Representatives has opened each session with a prayer from that day forward. It is interesting to note that 27 of 56 founding fathers had seminary degrees. There appears to be no separation of GOD and state.

In 1962 with the United States Supreme Court case of Engel vs Vitale and the Abington School District vs Schemp in 1963 we chose as a people to separate GOD from our school systems with the removal of prayer. Later on in 1973 we elected as a people in the United States Supreme Court case of Roe vs Wade to legalize the killing of our children.

Since 1966 alone there have been a total of 257 shooting incidents in our school systems across America. Take a look at the most recent years and the shocking increase year over year for the last several years.

2010 – (8)

2011 – (10)

2012 – (14)

2013 – (32)

2014 -(41) Including the most recent shooting of October 24th in Marysville, Washington

On Friday, October 24th Jaylen Fryberg walked into the school cafeteria and killed one classmate, wounded two others and then shot himself with a 40 caliber handgun. You might ask the question where was GOD in all of these senseless killings. I think the answer just might be that we asked him to leave the schools didn’t we? We asked him to kindly leave.

America is starting to spaul away like concrete does when it is exposed to too much freezing and thawing and too much salting in the winter months. Concrete is a pretty resilient material made up of sand, rock,cement, and water. Concrete will continue to grow stronger and stronger with age. One thing that is really hard on it though is the constant freezing and thawing coupled with the salt. That’s what results in all of the flaking away at the top layers of concrete or something called spauling.

We have allowed our kids to be subjected to life without prayer and life without GOD in many ways and now they are killing each other. That’s our choice though and I guess we made that decision as a country. It’s just very sad to me though that our kids are the ones that have to suffer like this.