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Quit Dividing America!


Could it be that America is turning back to GOD with the results of our recent election?  I believe we have a man in the White House who has the best interests of America in mind, and certainly is turning more towards the things of GOD than our previous administration did that had control of America for the past 8 years. Just my opinion, but I do believe that things will get better because Donald Trump has the greater good in mind for our country and its people, not just for now, but for years to come.  We need to continue to pray for Donald Trump and our nation. We are called to pray for all of our elected leaders.  Some of us may not like who has been elected, but bear in mind we are called to support them as Americans and to pray for them. 

The liberal media can take sound bites and bits and spin them any way they choose to fit their liberal agenda. It will never change the truth though, because truth will always win out in the end and will never change.  Donald Trump did not have to run for President obviously, but he loves this country so much that he could not stand any longer to see the America that was once the greatest of the greats spiral down into a chaotic mess. 

I get tired of the Saturday Night Lives, the Madonna’s, the Bill Maher’s, Katie Rich, and all those who poke devious fun at a man who only wants to do what is right for America and Americans. I mean really, how can you go so low in the gutter as to verbally destroy Barron Trump – his little boy and say he will be a killer and kill his father!!!! I don’t ever remember anything similar being said about President Obama!  And by the way, if you want to move out, then don’t let the door slap you on the butt on the way out. That’s your choice!  Freedom is a privilege that was bought and paid for by the red blood of many Americans who wanted to keep this land great.  Either stand by the red, white and blue, or take the first exit you can find.  Quit dividing America!


  1. lynn__ says:

    Really, Tony? Who said such a horrible thing about Trump’s son?! I’ve been on vacation…and trying to ignore the “news”.

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  2. joliesattic says:

    I saw a couple of things regarding his son and it was horrid to pick on the child. Stupid in fact.

    I agree we need to stand united but I really wonder about some of the things he does and says. He is a bit mouthy and I wish he’d just let go of social media and just do his job. Sometimes I think he is intentionally fanning the fire against himself and I have tried to figure out his motives for doing so. When my kids were small I used to kid around with them and tell them “There’s a method to my madness”. He’s a clever man and I think he is far more calculating than people give him credit.

    So, I’m fairly certain he has a plan and it may surprise us all. Perhaps that’s what all the “noise” is? A distraction, perhaps? Only time will tell. At the polls I prayed that God pick the person that he could work with best and I trust God even if I’m not understanding how it will play out.

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    • Yes, the comments about about his son are shameful and should have never been said. I too prayed for our country and our elected officials before making my decision at the polls. I believe the outcome was what GOD intended for our country, and I believe we will see great changes over the next 8 years he is president. I like the man Pence too and don’t think he could have picked a better Vice President. The truth will always win out in the end no matter how many negative comments are thrown at our President. He will still be standing when it is all said and done because he stands on the side of truth. He is a fighter and he will never quit. He will never give up and he will never quit fighting for us.

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  3. joliesattic says:

    Tony, I would like to add that I appreciate your voice because it isn’t the loudest and I’m sure it feels like it’s the only one out there standing up. It is reminiscent of “Horton Hears a Who”. I have not heard one person come to the defense of the president or of this country as a whole. In a sea of negative press and negative voices, yours is the first to have the courage to speak up for what you believe and I applaud that.
    I don’t know where the conservative bloggers are but they are not as bold as the others. I’m sure there are more voices that feel as you do, but they are silent.
    When things may not make sense, we must have faith and trust. Thank you!! I’ve read your blogs. You are a good man.

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  4. A friend of mine had a sticker attached to her car that said, “Sit down, shut up, and hang on.” Climbing in a car with her was a matter of faith, it taught you to pray, and it made quite a few people scream, but in the years that I knew her, she had never had an accident, never received a ticket, and always got where she was going.
    I think perhaps the same message should be posted on the front of the White House. “Donald Trump’s behind the wheel. Sit down, shut up, and hang on!” This is new, this is frightening, and it promises to be a wild ride, but perhaps this will teach Americans to have a much needed faith in God and to spend time in prayer. We don’t know, but I do wish people would stop the screaming. It’s giving me a headache.

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